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Jun 5, 2023

Monetary incentives are a part of our daily lives, from work bonuses to fines for minor traffic violations. But can they lead us to make bad decisions? In this episode, our guest Sandro Ambühl presents an empirical study in which he investigates this very question. He explains what constitutes a bad decision in the economic/rational sense and how people's decisions are related to regret, information, and the size of the monetary incentive. 

Sandro Ambühl is Assistant Professor of Behavioural Economics of Financial Markets at the University of Zurich, where his research is focused on Behavioural Experimental Economics, Behavioural and Experimental Finance, Repugnant Transactions and Rational Inattention.

You can find his paper “Can Incentives Cause Harm? Tests of Undue Inducement” here.